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The scenes are scripted to present us with kinky scenarios, like a babysitter going for a creampie, step-sisters seducing their step-bros, and stuff like that. On one of the updates, Megan Sage just finished washing the dishes when her stepbrother walks in on her. “Man, you’re looking hot!” he says. To which she replies: “I always see you checking me out, it makes me feel really, really awkward.” In the guy’s defense, Megan was wearing skimpy shorts and a skin-tight top with no bra under it. Her nipples were poking out, for God’s sake!

“We’re not related or anything, come on,” argues the guy as he uses a finger to pull down the girl’s cleavage for a peek. “You’re hot, I’m good-looking… we should, uh… mess around a little bit.” That’s the guy’s argument. And you know what? It worked! Next thing you know the girl is on her knees, giving him a passionate sloppy blowjob with her eyes closed (that’s the most intense kind of bj, by the way). While she’s down there, stepbro gets carried away, grabs her head, and goes for a little face-fucking session. Then, he eats his stepsister’s pussy, making her moan and cry “Oh, my God!” Next, he pounds her perfectly shaved pussy as he fondles her jiggly boobs.

After nailing his stepsister hard and in as many positions as their imagination allowed at the moment, he finally is ready to bust a nut, and he announces it: “Wait, wait, wait, I’m gonna cum!” He tries to warn her “Get off,” but she is sooo caught up in the moment, riding his cock hard and energetically, that she doesn’t stop. When the guy’s cock finally slides out of her gash, a thick load of cum follows it, dripping from her pussy and reaching her asshole. “What did you do?!” the guy wonders out lout. But it’s too late now. Hey, at least they enjoyed the fuck out of it!

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